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Harrah's Automobile Collection

Hot August night's is about men that like cars, mostly muscle cars. Many of the people that visit this web site probably fit into this category. There are thousands of people out there that have toys that only come out on special occasions and then mostly to be worked on by themselves or taken to their local car show. Imagine if you will, having 1500 of those collector items. Imagine the storage and work space that was required to rebuild these automobiles to manufacturers specifications. This alone created one of the largest automobile libraries.

There were the mechanics, painters, leather craftsman, all working to restore old automobiles that were purchased from all over the world back to their original condition. There actually was a line that the cars were placed in to be restored depending on Harrah's sense of urgency. And the line up changed as did the days of the week. But the desire to acquire more was never satisfied. This was not just automobiles, it was motorcycles, airplanes, boats, and all the other things that a very successful entrepreneur could collect as you will see in our slideshow.

Sharing this collection with the rest of us was a large task in itself. The automobiles were spread out in different warehouses mostly in Sparks. There were tours that were run daily allowing people a break from gaming to wander through and reminisce about years gone by, and the car that they never saved. There where plexiglass containers to put them on display at Harrah's Tahoe and other high traffic locations for the world to see and appreciate. I imagine that many of the automobiles were flown more miles that many of us travel by airplane.


Bill Harrah' s Jerrari

Harrah's Automobile Collection Magazine Article

Harrah's Lake Tahoe Regatta- Unlimited Racing Boats

If you found these articles interesting we encourage you to visit the National Automobile
Museum to see first hand what the Harrah's Automobile Collection is all about.


National Automobile Museum in Reno

This is some of the best of the 50's and 60's for both muscle cars and web design work


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